How to Fix Tank Leaking and Spitting


Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, it's not always smooth sailing, and you may experience problems with your vape tank. Two common issues vapers experience are leaking and spitting. In this blog post, we'll explain what these issues are and provide some tips on how to fix them.

Tank Leaking

    Leaking tanks can be a frustrating experience for vapers. It occurs when e-liquid seeps out of the tank and onto the device, which can damage the battery and cause it to malfunction. This can also lead to a loss of e-liquid, which is a waste of money.

    The causes of tank leaking can vary, but some common reasons include:

    • Overfilling the tank
    • Damaged O-rings or gaskets
    • Cracked or damaged glass tank
    • Loose or improperly installed tank components
    • Changes in atmospheric pressure

    Here are some tips to fix the leaking issue:

    • Check the tank components: Inspect the tank and make sure everything is tightly secured. This includes the O-rings, gaskets, and glass tank.
    • Replace the O-rings: If the O-rings are damaged or worn out, replace them with new ones.
    • Check the coil: Sometimes, a faulty coil can cause leaking. Check the coil and replace it if necessary.
    • Fill the tank correctly: Make sure not to overfill the tank. Leave a small amount of space at the top to allow for the e-liquid to expand.
    • Avoid temperature changes: Changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure can cause the tank to leak. Keep your device away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.


    Spitting is another common problem that vapers experience. It occurs when hot e-liquid droplets shoot out of the device and into the mouth, which can be unpleasant and even dangerous. This is caused by the build-up of excess e-liquid in the coil, which boils and spits out of the device.

    Here are some tips to fix the spitting issue:

    • Check the coil: A damaged or faulty coil can cause spitting. Replace the coil if necessary.
    • Reduce the wattage: Higher wattages can cause the e-liquid to boil and spit. Reduce the wattage to avoid this problem.
    • Clean the tank: Excess e-liquid can build up in the tank and cause spitting. Clean the tank regularly to prevent this.
    • Use a thicker e-liquid: Thicker e-liquids are less likely to boil and spit. Try using a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid to prevent spitting.

    In conclusion, leaking and spitting are common problems that vapers experience. They can be frustrating, but with some basic troubleshooting, you can fix these issues and continue enjoying your vaping experience.

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